The Benefits of a Stone Home

The Benefits of a Stone Home

Published | Written by Darin & Yvonne Burton

If you’re looking to build a home and want an exterior that is both trendy and timeless, consider natural stone. Stone is one of the oldest building materials in human history and it is still being used in new construction today. There are many varieties of natural stone you can use for siding and each offer a unique look and set of benefits. Regardless of the type of stone you choose, there are some long-term advantages compared to other types of home exteriors.

Here are the biggest benefits to natural stone homes:


There is a good reason buildings from thousands of years ago are still standing today. Stone is an incredibly durable building material and can withstand almost all the common sources of damage to other home exteriors. Stone exteriors are rot-proof, leak proof and pest proof. They can stand against the elements without showing practically any wear. Stone won’t fade in the sun or discolor from rain so there’s no need to replace or paint your siding in the future. Stone is also fire resistant, which not only makes the home safer but can save you money on your home insurance.


There are over half a dozen types of stone commonly used in home exteriors and each comes with their own look and feel. Stone siding comes in different colors, textures and styles to fit your dream home plan. Some of the most common examples are granite, limestone and sandstone, each of which has a unique look. Flint, another popular choice, comes in multiple colors: black, gray, tan and even blue.

Environmentally Friendly

Stone is naturally eco-friendly because of its durability. When your siding remains perfect for the entire life of your home, there’s no need for replacing or throwing away materials. Many builders can get stone from local sources which reduces emissions from transportation. Consider the stone naturally found in the region where you are living if you want to make the most sustainable choice. For example, sandstone is widely available in the Western United States while granite might be more abundant in the Northeast.


Stone houses tend to hold a stunning visual aesthetic. It adds a sense of timelessness to your home design and can also help you enhance a certain architectural style. Depending on the type and texture of stone you choose, you can achieve anything from rustic and rugged to a highly sophisticated and luxurious facade.

Even if you don’t choose to cover your entire home with natural stone, you can add some visual interest when using it as an accent in your design. Many home builders and designers will do partial stone walls or a single accent wall depending on the type of facade your home has.

Resale Value

Stone homes have huge resale value. It is a choice that will pay off when it comes time to sell your home. Not only can the mere aesthetic quality of stone siding increase the home value, but the durability and lasting energy efficiency are selling points as well. Stone is an excellent insulator both in terms of temperature and sound. You can keep the warm or cool air inside and save money on your energy bills.

There are many significant advantages to natural stone exteriors, but the cost can be prohibitive. Natural stone is an expensive option for siding. However, because of the long-lasting benefits and the potentially high return on investment, it is still worth considering if you have it in your budget.

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